Friday, April 04, 2008

This is What I Did to celebrate Easter

Othello had a great time visiting with the nephews in Delaware, until he went "wets" on me and one of the kids. Nicholas discovered a long lost friend in him and was sorely disappointed when Othello had to go home. It was quite sad.

We went to the park in Old New Castle (an oxymoron if ever there is one). And enjoyed the playground, the beach, the porta-potties and the basketball court.

We looked for treasure washed up along the shore, but we only found a few Spanish dubloons, and some trinkets from the Titanic. Nothing big.

Dominic and Isaiah went in search of clams... and some of those elusive buggers really had to be coaxed onto shore.

Isaiah proudly shows off his catch, while Alex shows fraternal joy in support of his brother.

Kiernan has been dancing since he was in the womb, I'm told, and this shot proves that he only needed to find an appropriate dancing partner - one that could keep up with his smooth moves. Only the tide fits this bill.
Just hanging out with the nephews in the playground!

Our final trick of the day!!!


Mr. Happy Friday said...

a bunny a bunny

Petrus said...

Do you watch Veggie Tales???

Anonymous said...

Say "fluffy bunny" with marshmallows in your mouh and you will be lauging for days!!