Wednesday, April 23, 2008


To William Shakespeare, and Aimee Cowan!!!

Take this Shakespeare quiz to see how much you actually know.

Then go and visit Aimee on her blog!!

Some fun facts about me and Aimee:

  • While roommates in college we rearranged our room every Monday afternoon while the freshman below us tried to take a nap.
  • We travelled to Spain, Ireland and Venice together after our Rome semester.
  • While roommates we each had the bed that we didn't want for fear of hurting the others feelings!!
  • We agreed to go to graduate school together, but never applied to the same schools!
  • She went to every station Mass in Rome... while I always set my alarm to go, but rarely made it.

I'll add more as I think about them throughout the day!


RKR said...

Don't forget quisquis! ...and cycling through Ireland together to find the castle of Aimee's ancestors.

Aimee said...

Thanks Jess--I don't know who that Aimee is, but she seems like a lucky girl to have such a good friend as you! Lots of love.

Anonymous said...

This is like pretty much the best blog ever!

Rose said...

WOW! You guys are pretty awesome!! Happy Birthday Aimee!