Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Farewell to Snow

We took advantage of one of the last Saturday nights of winter to enjoy the slopes at Pats Peak.
Here we are, chillin' out on the ski lift waiting to get to the top.

Nathaniel & Ana looked awesome in their sunglasses, until Nathaniel dropped his under the ski lift!!

He didn't really need them. He's a great skier anyway. You should have seen him going over the rolly pollies, until his skis were over his head, and eventually detached from his feet!!

Tim was a great skier who love the "wall" - he even went down a few blue square trails, and really kicked up the snow!!

Rose loved the glades, and did a great job navigating the trees!! Who wouldn't be a great skier with that scarf on??

Ana - coming in a for a crash landing... as was her usual.

The sign reads "Please use caution: Experts only". It was really too crowded for us on this trip, so we left this run for another day.


Anonymous said...

You've got to be kidding me! Ana-crash landing! She is an awesome skier. I know her personally and she skis like a pro. Just because you had some near collisions and was beaten by Ana down the mountain repeatedly doesn't mean you should point the finger at her!!Let he who has no fault cast the first snowball!!

Petrus said...

Hi Ana-nymous :)


Awesome Pictures! That was sooo much fun! I see you didn't put the picture up of you wiping out on the bunny slope!Thats OK I'll put it on facebook:-P

Petrus said...

There is no such picture, Rose, but it didn't happen!! But I have plenty of others to post... if you'd like me too!!!

Almost all of our snow is gone now... and the lights on Pats Peak are dark!! So sad.


That is so sad:( Yah! post some pics of you. Like the awesome one I took of you!! OK, keep denying it but it will only lead to your further embarrassment.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a pretty motley crew. . . is that Ana crying because she's too close to the experts only sign?

Anonymous said...

I detect fear in your words "anonymous"

M. Alexander said...

Y'all are too funny! All I can say is "What gorgeous, athletic, funny, talented kids!"

And you just can't beat genetics!

Thanks for being the ski concierge. the kids had a wonderful time!