Friday, April 18, 2008

Kids Aren't That Stupid

So, yesterday was the PERFECT Spring Day. The sun was shining, it was the perfect temperature outside, and the wind was blowing lightly as if to caress the newly sprouted grass and brightly colored crocuses. I cut a few of my classes short and brought the kids outside to walk in the spring puddles and enjoy the blue sky.

In the afternoon, I met some of the students in the quaint New England college town of New London. Its a cute town with lots of little shops, and one of the best ice cream stands around. Let's put it this way, they serve ice cream AND espresso. What could be better than that? So, when my students finished selling advertisements for the yearbook, I met up with them and took them out for ice cream. So far, so good.

We called one of the parents and arranged to meet at the dock so they could pick up their kids. On the way, the Dad called me and said that he'd be running late.

We don't mind. Its a sunny day. We'll walk on the dock.


"Elijah, I'll give you five dollars if you jump in."

"Yeah right, the water is freezing."

... minutes later...

"what will you give me to jump in?"

Me: You are not jumping in. You cannot ride in my car if you're wet. The water is freezing. There is still ice on the lake.

Does it matter? no.


The worst part of this whole situation, is that the kid had reasons:

1. Impress the girls at school
2. Make my stock go up among the boys
3. Have something to talk about at school

It sounds so logical, but is so idiotic.


Anonymous said...

A liger is pretty much my favorite animal.

Hannah :) said...

o.m.g. my brother is such a specimen. that was such a day hahaha