Sunday, September 02, 2007

Mount Washington

This is what we did yesterday.
We didn't get to stay at the hotel.
We left the house at about 6:45am, arrived at the mountain about 9am, after Dunkin Donut and directions stop. (Munchkins are the perfect pre and post hiking snack).

The going was tough, especially the part that looks like a giant's staircase, and probably goes that way for about a mile.

We heard a landslide, that was a bit scary.

Luckily, I had my mountain runners on.

They were a tremendous help in gripping the rocks. They probably prevented a few landslides.

These are the same shoes that I wore in our 500mile walk across Spain. H/T to Gore Tex, I've never been so happy with a pair of shoes.

The weather was sort of cooperative. It wasn't raining - a little cold... windy, we walked along a cascading river for most of it... so got a little wet. But by the time that we stopped at the Hut at the Lake among the Clouds, the wind cover was gone, and visibility was slight, to say the least. We had lunch with our dog, and a golden doodle whose owners left him outside.

With about an hour to the top, things got a little rough. You walk among pile of rocks, and can easily get off trail. The wind was ripping right through us, and we couldn't see the top of the mountain. It was freezing cold, and we were wearing all the clothes that we brought with us. Most people were wearing winter gear. The wind chill was 30 degrees.

Ah, but we made it to the top. The dog decided that she wanted to go home about 20feet from the top... so we had to coax her the rest of the way.

An excellent trip - we survived the trail, the weather, the other hikers and the cold.

Wicked awesome.


Anonymous said...

How long did it take you?

Tom said...

Hello Jess

Laurie H. gave me the link to your blog. We drove up Mt W. about a month ago, and dragged laurie along. Now Brigid wants to hike up it. Just two days ago we were talking to a couple who were convinced they were going to die (along with their two teenagers) on the walk down, after having walked up. They got caught in a hailstorm / lightening barrage, about eight years ago. They went in August and only had summer clothes on - so not a smart move.

If you go to my weblogyou will be able to find some pix of our trip up.

Tom Faranda

Heliodora said...

Beautiful! Wish I could've been there.

Christina said...

I am so envious...sounds like a great adventure. Though I'm sure I would have needed an inhaler to make it to the top! Well done!
Miss you all.