Sunday, September 23, 2007

Letter to American Boys

We're reading George MacDonald's The Princess and the Goblins for my 7th grade Literature class. Its a fabulous story, and I would highly recommend it to everyone of any age.

While doing some research on George MacDonald, I found this: A Letter to American Boys.

Its a long read, but a great story.

To sum up: Love your mother.


Aimee said...

I love the Princess and the Goblins too! What was the weird thing about their feet? No toes? I think I have one of them in my class now...

Petrus said...

You might have one in your class. They hate poetry and don't have any toes! Also, their weakness is in their feet, and Curdie has to stomp on them in order to drive them away.

Also, they are very hard-headed. Their heads are HUGE and are like rocks (not my kind of rocks... the big, dumb, bouldery kind).