Friday, August 31, 2007

A Diamond is Forever

and love only lasts until Death do us part... so the piece of, ahem, "art" shown at the left is really quite curious. This little beauty just sold for $100,000,000. That's right, 100 million dollars.
This makes me wonder if someone actually thinks that they will recover their money, or if they just have way too much money to begin with.
I'm sure a deeper and more thoughtful person could muse about how blatant a display this is of our love affair with the culture of death... but I thought I'd just show you the picture, since indeed, it is worth a thousand words... maybe not $100,000,000.


Anonymous said...

Long-time reader, first time comment-maker:
A new trend is making pencils out of the carbon from your loved one's cremated remains.
Great blog Petrus!

gina said...

Oh Gag! That is really OTT!

Lily said...

I gave you an award!
I think you are nice :-)