Wednesday, July 26, 2006

I'm now in the Baltic port town of Klaipeda. It is a major shipping route, and also a resort town for wealthy vacationing Lithuanians.

We visted the town of Nida which was originally a fishing village. It is now a resort town primarily where the residents rent out their flats during the winter. After a few years of such enterprise, they are able to actually buy another summer home, while supporting themselves on their seasonal income from the summer.

There are also giant sand dunes in this lovely peninsula. Apparently, when the Teutonic Knights came to settle here, they cut down all the trees on the strip to build villages. The sand began to erode as a result, and completely covered the villages. The villages now lay 50-60 kilometers beneath the sandy surface.

AND - I saw Russia. We were about two kilometers from the Russian border, but this small area of Russia tucked between Lithuania and the Baltic sea is primarily a military outpost, and visitors are greatly discouraged. We did get pictures, so maybe you can help analyze them, Jim :)

And, of the more cultural experiences of Lithuania, I purchased a We Are the Winners.

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Anthony said...

I was in Klaipeda and Polanka, (sic), in 1998, I had a great time. Lithuania is one of my favorite places.