Monday, July 03, 2006

Hi everyone! I'm at the camp!!! We're in Birstonas on the bank of the Leguna river. The camp is very beautiful, surrounded by a pine forest. There is a wide river that separates the camp from the village, and there is an old ferry boat that takes us across.

I'm in a room with two girls, Jen and Julia and we're all 20-ish ;). We did testing of the kids today to determine what class we should place them in. While the other teachers were doing testing, Julia and I tried to explain Kickball - but it didn't work out too well. The kids could hardly understand the rules, especially because words like "out" and "base" and pitcher, and home run were not in their vocabulary. There were a few boys who understood that it was like baseball without the bat.

Later, ultimate frisbee and mafia - renamed "murder" went much better.

They served the traditional meal of Lithuania for lunch today. Its something like mashed potatoes surrounding ground beef. I heard that the beef was alright, but the meat was good. I stuck with the soup that was like chicken and rice but without any chicken. For breakfast this morning they served a boiled egg cut in half, and a sort of pea salad with a white dressing on it. The salad was actually pretty good. They also served something-like-salami meat with tomatoes on bread, as well as sweet rolls with raisins. The coffee here is so strong that it walks out of the pot into the cup. The Lithuanians do not put milk in their coffee, and there is usually 1/4 ince of grounds left at the bottom. They always serve lemonade with lunch, and there are sweets as a snack. However, the kids didn't like them, so I thought I would pass as well.

The kids are all really nice, but there is not much for them to do when we're not teaching classes. In earlier years they were allowed to go into town by themselves, and here they can't leave the camp because town is so far away, and the ferry only runs between 5pm and 7pm. It runs in the morning but the kids are in classes at that time. The pool also is unavailalbe.

There's been some contraversy lately because the technology situation has been quite grim. We were just taken to the secondary school, and they have a whole computer lab that is great. There has been great speculation in the last 24 hours though that we wouldn't have access. Its been worked out though, and I'm able to update.

I'm also downloading a driver for a copier/printer that we do have at the camp, so everything should work out quite well.

I'm hoping to have pictures the next time I post, and hopefully less rambling.

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