Saturday, July 01, 2006

Hello from Vilnius, Lithuania!! I arrived last night at around 5:30 and was taken too an 11 story building where I'll be staying for two days. Since then, I've learned how to say hello, good morning, see you and thank you so I'm on the fast track to Lithuanian language learning.

The Old City here is very beautiful, and they are making great efforts to restore the medieval churches and city building and rid themselves of the soviet era gray, dark, depressing landscape.

I've seen St. Anna's church which was built I believe in the 13th century. The story goes that Napolean like this church so much that he said he wanted to take it home in the palm of his hand. The inside is rather dark, and simple, but I noticed a chapel where the Blessed Sacrament is, which looks more richly adorned.

I'm also hoping to get to the Gates of Dawn this afternoon, and when I get my camera going, then I'll be able to upload some pictures to here.

Most of the streets are cobblestone, done in the shape of a fan - just like in Rome. There are older streets that are paved with round stones, I won't be wearing heels on those streets.

The food has been good. We were served fresh tomoatoes, cucumbers and cold ham this morning, along with some round thick pancakes covered with something like hollandaise sauce. The coffee is quite strong, and there's about a 1/2 inch of dark thick grounds left at the bottom of the cup when you drink it. The tea is very good, but I suspect that its British.

Its about time to go. We'll have lunch at 1pm, and then I'll make a mad rush around the city to see the Cathedral, the Amber museum, and the Gates of Dawn.

I wish my family was here to see all of these great things with me.


M. Alexander said...

Glad you arrived safely. Sounds like an amazing trip!!! Can't wait to see the pictures.

bethalice said...

Hi Jess! Hurry up with those pictures! You know how impatient we MK ladies are!


jimandval said...

What is the weather like? Have you met any Lithuanian parents? Am I allowed to ask questions or just post comments?
Jim and Val

Petrus said...

What's this Jim and Val thing - just because you're married doesn't mean you're the same person!!!

Yes - ask questions and maybe next week I'll get to pictures :)