Tuesday, July 18, 2006

I'll try to do a quick post on just the food. Its horrible here - and I just don't understand it. The cafeteria, I'm told does a very good job serving quality food to campers and teachers alike. I'm also told that they serve very traditional food, just like Lithuanian mothers around the country make for their growing boys and girls.

For breakfast this morning they served a version of cream of wheat - except I don't think that wheat had anything to do with it. It looked liquidy - but when one of the teachers made a smiley face in it, it stayed, like a weird jello mold.

For lunch today they served a soup, as they do at every lunch. This soup was made with giant snail shaped pasta, and something that tasted like milk and sugar.

The best is that national food of Lithuania which is called cepelinai. It involves grinding meat, rolling it into a ball, then rolling that into a potato mixture, and then deep frying it. At first, it looks like a giant supplie, but the ingredients are totally foreign to my tastebuds. They cover it in a cheese sauce that doesn't taste like cheese, but could be likened to a thick cream.

We went to a restaurant the other day and I ordered roast chicken with vegetable salad. They served fried chicken fingers with cole slaw.

For all of the griping among the teachers though about the food, which the Lithuanians are happy to gobble up, their beverages are really quite good. For lunch they usually serve something that it like lemonade, but it tastes fruitier and is very tastey. Also, the flavors include lemon, orange, peach, pear, and many more.

Among the adult beverages, cider is very popular but doesn't really taste fruity - more like alcoholic kool aid. They do have a collection of vodkas, and the fad seems to be to add fruit to it. While it sounds like a good idea, there's no disguising vodka for the nasty stuff that it really is. The gentlemen in my group of grown fond of a beer called Svyterus - which they affectionately pronounce, Sweet Tourist.

Rumor has it that Lithuania also has a collection of Mead wine, but when I tried to order it the other day, the restaurant did not have any!!

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