Sunday, March 02, 2008


So, in anticipation of summer - it has to come sometime, right - here are somethings I'd like to do.

1. Get a tan that does not involve a sock-tanline
2. Run a few more 5K's with the nieces...
3. Go to the ocean
4. Take a few road trips
5. Camp in Wyoming
6. Garden - a big bright full beautiful garden
7. Go to Nova Scotia
8. Write a children's book
9. Hike a few of the Presidentials
10. Picnic next to a waterfall
11. Go kayaking
12. Go canoing - with Kathy :)
13. Take the dogs to the beach
14. Get ice cream
15. Find an outdoor Shakespearian play
16. Read a book in the sun, and then take a nap
17. Take Aimee's kids to the zoo (Aimee & Will can come too!)
18. Celebrate Ana's graduation from college
19. Drink a cool glass of lemonade in the shade
20. Have an early morning breakfast outside

That's a good start anyway. When will winter end!!!

(*I have no idea who this child is!)


Aimee said...

Ooo...we want to come too. Please.

Liz said...

That's a great list! I might just have to steal of few of those and add them to my own. Only thing you're missing is jumping in puddles during a summer rain!

Aimee said...

Hi Aunt Js! I am obi one kanobi! Let's give a note to Luke and tell him to turn Obi One back alive. Come see us soon with Luke Skywalker. love Xavier (dictated by Aimee)

M. Alexander said...

Nova Scotia- pshaw!

What about Prince Edward Island!!!!