Monday, February 25, 2008

The Jeep - You Wouldn't Understand

So, living with your sisters is great - especially in a crisis. And this winter has seen precious few crisis, but we did have a rather entertaining one a few weeks ago.

I was wearing heels and a skirt. I want that fact to be perfectly clear when reading of the events that follow.

The other information that should be included is that we had a rainstorm the day before, and freezing cold temperatures the night before. Dad had plowed our driveway, and so the driveway was surrounded by four foot high solid ice walls of snow, hard as concrete. The driveway was a sheet of ice as well.

Okay, so Deb leaves for work first, and had backed her Jeep Wrangler Unlimited behind my car and Jenn's car. It was about halfway down the driveway. She got ready to leave at her typical 6:40am, and her car was dead. I went outside and realized that our cars were back to back making it impossible to jump Deb's car with my car. Let's try Jenn's. No problem. Of course, jumping the car didn't work, that would have been WAAAAYYY too easy.

So, we decided to push the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited, quintessential off-roading, good in any weather including missile showers in the middle of a war, vehicle off to the side of the driveway so that we could get a car around it. So, Jenn in her nightgown, me in my heels and Deb at the wheel. Push, push, push, slip on ice, push, push, push, slip on ice, push, push, push... take a break. And we'd moved the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited except when a little bit of ice and snow limits you, off-roading, good in any weather except for freezing ice and snow vehicle - about two inches. It took us about one hour to finally move the Jeep Unlimited, etc. far enough over to squeeze one of our "LIMITED" cars around in order to get out of the driveway.

Her car was out of commission for about two days while it recovered from the rivers it forded on the way home that day. Yes, rivers. It basked in the sun and had to dry out the starter motor.

The Jeep Unlimited is a lie.


Anonymous said...

I is now clear to me that blogs are just a means for women to ramble on when there’s no women around to ramble with.

My guess is that you’ve a blond, kinda-sorta-maybe, ha !

Aimee said...

What??? Is proofreading dead? Anonymous must be grammatically illiterate, as well as a certifiably brunette male. Anyway, ramble with me anytime. And can I borrow the Jeep Semi-Unlimited? I have some rivers I need to ford.

Anonymous said...

I rather take offense to this post. The Jeep got me home! I had to go through rivers, avalanches and a tornado! I mean Blizzard. So it needed a break to dry off , Is that not allowed?. I would be very surprised if your little cross over Ford could go through what I drive my Jeep through! Oh and anonymous, I guess that your a jerk.
And Amy you can use it anytime. I told Jess to drive it when she visited you and she wouldn't . Now we know why.

Anonymous said...

Easy now, not all anonymous commenters are:

1. grammatically illiterate
2. brunette males - sounds queer
3. or jerks

I is what I is.

I see I hit a few feline nerves.

Anonymous said...

I'd rather be feline than porcine.