Sunday, January 07, 2007

Why Does This Stuff Stick?

I had to bring the grill over to my parents house for a play0ff game barbecue. As I rolled the grilled through the dog yard, I noticed that only one kind of, ahem, "mud" was being picked up in the wheel. And I thought - after the week of rain that we've had, why do the wheels ONLY pick up dog dirt, and not the nice clean dirt that cleans easily.

Then, it reminded me of sin and immorality. Why does that seem to stick so much easier than virtue?


Anonymous said...

Alright already! May I suggest you get this sh..
off your blog and move on? You have such O.Henry type observations of the 'common' things/happenings in life that I am anxious to see what is next in your mind!

Petrus said...

And why do such insightful posts have to be anonymous?

Sorry, I've been remiss.

Anonymous said...

Well, because you know me, and might retaliate because I offer such a suggestion...this way we remain friends! LOL!

Petrus said...

Ah, I've been pursuing other blogs, dear anonymous, to find your true identity. You are very diverse in your style.