Thursday, December 14, 2006

My Sister's Dog

I'm sitting at the computer, asking for blog post suggestions... in honor of my sister who is just returning from the jungles of Nepal... this post is in honor of her "dog" Bonnie. The reason that "dog" is in quotes is that she's not really a dog. Well, she is in the accident of nature sort of way. However, her intelligence and manner indicate that she is more like a queen.

She disdains the lowly nature that usually indicates the K9 type. Despite the fact that she too, is fuzzy and walks on four legs, she is among that breed that doesn't have a tail - by nature. She hates those furry barking things with tails.

She doesn't bark, she speaks. And if you're not listening, she keep on barking until you do.

She can tell time. I know this to be true because if the four dog dishes that we have are not completely full every night at 8:00pm sharp, she "barks" for lack of a better word until you fill them. And, she adjusts for daylight savings time.

She's an excellent travelling companion. She likes to ride shotgun in order to look out the window and stay on the lookout for any unsavory characters... like a good shotgun should.
Her favorite part of riding in the car is going to the Dunkin Donuts drive-through. She always gets a treat... usually a plain doughnut, but sometimes Boston Creme.
She also loves the ocean, and knows that its near when she about 10 minutes away. She likes to watch dog shows on TV, and gets especially excited when there are Olde English Sheep"dogs" featured.
She hates baths, lightening storms and people who promise walks but don't give them. She also hates packing since she knows that someone will be away for long periods of time.
She's the queen of this house, that's "fer sure".

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