Wednesday, November 08, 2006

We Lost AND We're Losers

So, we lost the House and the Senate today. And yes, I do mean we.

This post is for thsoe who say that we cannot vote if someone, like President Bush, isn't conservative enough.

Remember this Bible Verse "Be wily as serpants and innocent as doves"? No one is saying that anyone on the Hill would ever be up for canonization, but lets look at one important fact.

Right now the Supreme Court, with two new justices on it, are deciding whether or not to uphold the Ban on the Partial-Birth Baby Killing method.

The truth is, that we never would have gotten this law passed without the likes of the not-conservative-enough Senate, House and President. Further, we would never have a chance in Hades of upholding it if Roberts and Alito were not on the bench, confirmed by the not-conservative-enough House and Senate. If this ban is upheld, and babies are saved because of it, then those votes "wasted" on lukewarm conservatives will have been well wasted.


gawfer said...

The title is most appropiate. This was not so much a vote for the democrats, but a vote against the republicans, because conservative issues won all across this great nation.

Hopefully, our Republican leaders have figured out that integrity DOES count, and elections are won because of tenacity.

Stephen Heiner said...


You're grasping at straws here.

Electing Republicans also allows stem cell research and the morning after pill, both by this president here.

Augustine's principle of the double effect doesn't allow you to vote for an evil so that you can avoid - if that even happens - a lesser evil.

The two new justices? You mean the two Republican appointees that replaced the two dead/retiring Republican appointees? The Republicans have enjoyed a 7-2 majority on the Court for YEARS.

And still, we haven't figured out abortion.

Some of us have figured out that the voting thing - now especially controlled by 4 major electronic companies, like Diebold, who are audited by NOBODY - doesn't really matter much these days except to satisfy people's perceptions and illusions.

Stephen Heiner said...

Do you have that link to PNAC as satire?

If not, I'm very, very disappointed to see it linked here.

Petrus said...

Yes, Stephen - it is a satire. I'm glad that you noticed.

In regards to "grasping at straws", haven't you yourself expressed the notion that we cannot stop evil, we can only stem the tide. Why should we give up on our own government in that attempt?

You're points regarding stem-cell research are unclear. It was President Bush who stopped public funding of embryonic stem-cell research, except from the strains created by already-killed babies. It is true and sad that it still occurs and will continue... but we are making baby steps here.

I'm not under any illusion that our Republicans are out there standing for the Truth (with a captital t), but if you are a citizen, then you have an obligation to do your part in bringing about a fair and equitable one - or trying to. To leave it up to the liberals to decide things, is fatalistic, ridiciculous and cowardice.

I'm not sure what you mean by the Republicans enjoying a majority on the court... if you mean that they are Republican appointees... that is true, but I wouldn't call them conservative.

I don't understand your allursion to four electronic companies fixing the elections, but I'm sure its another conspiracy theory that states that we really don't have free elections.

Petrus said...

And another thought that I had.

Stephen, with an attitude like yours, you've really set yourself up well. You complain about the state of the country, say that the liberals are winning and to take part in the process is only adding to the demise of the country (if, in your opinion, it ever had any value). Then, when the liberals do take hold, we're taxed out of oblivion, and our moral standards degrade even further, you can say "I told you so".

Very comfortable indeed.

Stephen L.M. Heiner said...


You conjectured what you thought I might be thinking or concluding. I'll leave it at that.

As for me, I was knocking on doors when I was 17 for Rock the Vote, and I've also been a precinct worker, and subsequently, a precinct captain, which means I had to set up a voting location by myself the day before election day for a few hours, work 12 hours on election day, and officially deliver the ballots, around 9pm.

I don't really feel I need to be lectured about the virtues of our so-called republic. I've done more than 99% of anyone my age in this country regarding these matters, and I've only lived here since I was 9.

Ps. Slow down and proofread your comments - then you might, beyond the spelling and grammar errors - realize that you refer to "baby steps" regarding the death of these babies. You also conveniently avoided talking about President Bush's approval of the morning-after pill. Baby-steps indeed. Would that we could hear them walk.

Pps. If it's satire, why not leave the link up?

Anonymous said...

Are we to give a hand for ALL the good work that Stephen has done? If he needs to toot his own horn, the reward has already been given...clap, clap for you Stephen! But now I hear him say ...Lord, Lord, I did my best to straighten out these poor unfortunates...but there spelling and puctuation is sooo bad! "Slow down and proof read your comments -then you might, beyond the spelling and grammar errors - realize that you refer to baby steps.." regarding the death of these babies..."
You, Stephen, have absolutely no idea who and what you are speaking about. I think these glorious and contrived words of yours keep you from the real battle to save lives, and to bring about real change.I will listen to your words, oh so well thought out and punctuated so well, when you hold a baby you have saved from death in your own arms, and when you can say, "I gave it my best shot to save this child, and God Our Father did it....Not me!" Your arrogance is only surpassed by your lack of Charity. I have often wondered why so many very good Catholic young women say they can't find a good Catholic young man who is not on an ego trip...I guess many of them have met you.
Greinne Carraig

qlinger said...

Boy what a can of worms you have opened Petrus! However I agree that we did it to ourselves, the election I mean. We did nothing to counter the media attacks especially regarding the war. I didn't even know that there was a Republican running against our Governor. And there was little if anything said about abortion. We can ride through this storm as we did before but the consequences could be harsh. May God have mercy on us.

Petrus said...


You're right, and it was the Republicans vote to lose. That's exactly what they did. They've always been a disunified bunch and we've come to such a crisis point in this country where all of the Republicans flaws, sins and sloppiness are plastered on the daily news.

I agree - I hope they do figure out that its not enough to talk the talk.

Stephen L.M. Heiner said...

Greinne Carraig

Leaving your personal attacks in the gutter, where they belong, I'll just kindly point out to you that I was defending myself against the so-called "comfortable position" that Petrus had imponed to me.

If I had to "toot my horn" it was only to silence her accusations.

As for the saving a baby from death, I haven't charged into any burning buildings lately, so I don't know what the hades you're talking about.

Anonymous said...

Stephen, stephen...!!! You show by your last comment that you don't understand at all the work of the prolife persons at abortion mills - in hospitals - on the street -
to 'save a baby from death' means to prevent an abortion and be there to witness the result -- the baby. You probably have better things to do, like write philosophical sentences to confound even the elect!

'charging into burning buildings'... REALLY!!

Stephen L.M. Heiner said...

Where was I talking about prolife people not doing good work? At all?

I was talking about the ineffectiveness of the government we've been told to elect over and over in fixing this problem.

God bless those who keep watch outside those mills.

Petrus said...


You misunderstood the "saving baby" comment and seemed to say that one would have to run into a burning building in order to save a baby - clearly missing the point.

I stand by my conjecture (aka "accusations"). Volunteering to help get out the vote is great, provided of course, that we get out the right vote. I don't want to detract from that work, but such work is never done, even if 99% of the people aren't doing it.

Its true, I side-stepped morning after pill, and you side-stepped the difference between funding stem-cells and allowing it. We're not going to agree on this. While we can't we every battle, with the democrats in power, we won't win any. One topic that no one talks about is FACE. That never would have been passed, and indeed wasn't under a Republican president. Likewise, the partial-birth abortion ban never would have passed, and indeed didn't, under a democratic president.

We probably won't resolve this debate here, but I hate it when people close comments because they don't like what's being said. I mean, this is the internet. By all means, continue to hammer away.