Friday, November 24, 2006

Want Coffee - Will Travel

So, while most of America is up at 5am this morning rushing to buy cheap plastic Chinese-made gifts that will inevitably be returned, regifted, "lost" or broken - I got up intending to go to daily Mass. Denied. I snuck into the church through the basement where a nice lady was preparing for a Meals on Wheels Luncheon, went upstairs and read the bulletin announcing No Mass on Friday. Bummer.

As an aside, why would they be doing Meals on Wheels in a Church Basement? Where's the Wheels part? Anyway, I didn't ask.

So, knowing that our favorite cafe for muffins and Chai's was closed today I decided to head to the next town to try the Sunshine Cafe. Isn't that a lovely name? It gives you the impression that you can actually buy sunshine in a cup. While dreams of espresso beans danced in my head, I headed out. I rolled into town, where the early-risers were walking down the street with their papers tucked under their arms, hunters were coming in from the woods for a break, and policemen patrolled the quiet streets. I park on the street, look over my shoulder, and the sunshine cafe is not shining. Denied. Closed for Thanksgiving. Bummer.

So, then I had to settle. And settle I did for Dunkin Donuts. Ahh... cappucinno, two sugars and an old fashioned for man's best friend.


surgite et coffeam olfacite said...

Aren't you kind of glad that you live in a part of the world where people close up for the day after a holiday as well/ I think it reflacts some sort of non consumer clo;se to the land kind of place. . of course if I hadn't thrown out your coffee pot you may not have had to go searching at all. . . but then you'd be eletrocuted by now too. . . hmmmm

Petrus said...

I would gladly risk execution for a cup of coffee. In fact, I did.

M. Alexander said...

I'm getting phone calls from NC about why this most excellent blog is not being updated more frequently. Your public wants more.