Friday, August 11, 2006

We Are The Winners

For all you aficionados of Lithuanian culture out there, you probably already know that Lithuania made quite the splash this year in the Eurovision contest with their home grown band, LT United.

For you Ameri-centrist, we might describe Eurovision as a European knock off of American Idol - except that Eurovision has been around for about 50 years (ah hem). But you get the idea.

LT United, whose website can be found at, operates along the philosophy that subtlety is bad, and if you just say something over and over again, it may just come true.

You have to check out this link, and download the video of the National ESC Selection Final Show:

Unfortunately, they did not win the Eurovision contest this year, but came in sixth. Which is consistent with my opinions of the taste of our Europeans neighbors - cuz these guys are cool.


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Anonymous said...

Wait...we ARE the winners! Do you mean to tell me that are wish didn't come true? -- Julia