Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Let's Be Serious...

So, you're at the airport. You've picked up a newspaper and the headlines read all about the terror plot planned to down 10 planes flying over the Atlantic by Muslim terrorists. Disturbing indeed. The news reports on the monitors show pictures of planes, the World Trade Centers crashing and other forms of hysteria. You think about the stepped up security, how you can't have your Starbucks with you at the moment, and that expensive Clinique lotion you had to discard before going through the security line. And you're okay with that. Life with chapped hands is better than being blown up over the Atlantic.

And then you see these guys come into your gate. You think either, they're Muslim male models who take themselves way too seriously, OR they've just spent all of their suicide bomber money on Western clothes before carrying out their mission. That's what the other passengers thought, and refused to get on the plane until they were removed.

When I first read the story I was a bit sympathetic to these guys. They're just getting on a plane... what if someone sees my innocent Irish face and thinks I'm on some sort of a bomber mission?!?!?! But then again, I don't look like I've just returned from a training camp in Syria.

The other reason that they may have rebelled is the excessive cologne, but to be fair - that was not in the article.

Here's my advice to these guys: If you don't want to kicked off any more planes in the near future - try shaving, and stop dressing like thugs. You might even want to do something about those eyebrows. And buddy, grease goes into your car- not the hair. Just a thought.


qlinger said...

They look like winners to me.

SurgiteetCoffeamOlfacite said...

EEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWW They look like they're stalking their prey.