Wednesday, January 30, 2008

In honor of Catholic Schools Week

Gaudeamus igitur Let us rejoice therefore
Juvenes dum sumus While we are young.
Post jucundum juventutem After a pleasant youth
Post molestam senectutem After a troublesome old age
Nos habebit humus. The earth will have us.

Ubi sunt qui ante nos Where are they
In mundo fuere? Who were in the world before us?
Vadite ad superos You may cross over to heaven
Transite in inferos You may go to hell
Hos si vis videre. If you wish to see them.

Vita nostra brevis est Our life is brief
Brevi finietur. It will be finished shortly.
Venit mors velociter Death comes quickly
Rapit nos atrociter Atrociously, it snatches us away.
Nemini parcetur. No one is spared.

Vivat academia Long live the academy!
Vivant professores Long live the teachers!
Vivat membrum quodlibet Long live each male student!
Vivat membra quaelibet Long live each female student!
Semper sint in flore. May they always flourish!

Vivant et republica Long live the State
et qui illam regit. And the One who rules it!
Vivat nostra civitas, Long live our City
Maecenatum caritas And the charity of benefactors
Quae nos hic protegit. Which protects us here!

Pereat tristitia, Let sadness perish!
Pereant osores. Let haters perish!
Pereat diabolus, Let the devil perish!
Quivis antiburschius Let whoever is against our school
Atque irrisores. Who laughs at it, perish!

(vers. C. W. Kindeleben 1781)

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