Monday, October 15, 2007


Okay, so there's this blog My Blessed Home. And this kind Christian lady has taken it upon herself to post all sorts of lies, distortion, misconceptions and all sorts of slander against the Holy Roman Catholic Church under the guise of "trying to help Catholics" be saved. (Only Christ can do that, right?)

Anyway, out of Christian charity, I am asking all Catholics who read her blog or this blog to commit to saying Hail Marys for this woman's conversion.

Also, can someone explain to me about the Green Scapular - can I wear it for someone else?

I have to admit, part of me just wants her to stop spreading her lies, but more than that, she is intrigued by the Truth and we just need to pray for her so that she can come to a full understanding of it.

So, please commit to saying a Hail Mary for this lady at least once a day. We could really storm heaven and make a novena for her during this holy month of the Rosary.

Afterall, if she is so concerned about having a blessed home, then Our Lady really should be her patroness and we can storm heaven for that intention.

So, please, tell your friends, commit to saying some rosaries for her conversion, and then we'll let God do the rest.

And don't bother commenting on her blog. She never responds to Catholics or posts their comments.

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Jamie Carin and Claudio Romano said...

I would link this to my blog (because it gets ever so much traffic *snort*) But I don't know how. Do I just post your blog address??

Jamie the blogging/html moron