Saturday, April 21, 2007

In Memoriam: Ross Alameddine

This was sent to my by a long-time friend of mine. Please pray for him, and his family.

IN MEMORIAM: Ross Alameddine

It is with exceptional grief and disbelief that we mourn the loss of a long-time family friend's son. Ross Alameddine died this past week at Virginia Tech. While in his early Monday morning French class, he became a victim of a horrendous act of senseless violence. He was a 20 year old young gentleman who had the world by a string and boundless opportunities ahead of him.

I remember Ross when he was just a little, wide-eyed toddler. He was an exemplary son and very close to his family.

Ross grew up to be an exceptionally bright student. A graduate of Catholic elementary school and Austin Prep Catholic High School in Reading, Massachusetts, he excelled at everything he did. His interests included computers, politics, religion, speaking fluent French, music, travel, poetry, literature, roller blading and maintaining his brand new car he won at a raffle. (His family had a knack for games of chance as his mother once won a baby grand piano in a contest!) He had a wide circle of friends where he was known for his serious scholarship and humor-filled good times. He was full of life and possessed a deep love of learning and academia.

Ross had his heart set on attending Virginia Tech since he first visited the campus during High School. Every time his mother talked about him she beamed with pride and happiness. Not long ago, I saw Ross' mother at my sister's home in Melrose, Massachusetts where she frequently stops in. I asked her about Ross. After smiling broadly, she told me how well he's doing at VT and how much he enjoys it there.Please pray for Ross' mother, father and sister as they are experiencing sorrow beyond comprehension. In this season of His Divine Mercy, may our loving Lord enfold Ross' family, and the families of all the departed, into His countless rays of everlasting love and peace.

Rest in peace, Ross. You will be dearly missed by all who had the privilege of knowing you for too short a time.

Hon. Maureen C. Mooney
Assistant Republican Leader
N.H. State Representative, Hills. Co.
District 19
P.O. Box 1676Merrimack, NH 03054-1676

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gawfer said...

My prayers are with Ross's family and friends.

This truly breaks my heart.