Wednesday, October 11, 2006

No Cussin

Here's a good post about not 'cussing.'

I'd like to add my own thoughts to the matter.

1) Cursing does not make you a better baseball player. I'm sure that there was no cursing on this team!! (I know that this picture doesn't really go with the theme, but it was so neat that I wanted to post it and had to tie it in somehow.

2) There's nothing worse than hearing a woman or a child curse or swear. It totally strips the woman of any dignity and represents her to have an utter lack of decorum and grace. Its like watching a girl try to spit just so that she can 'fit in with the guys'. What I never understood - guys won't date other guys, so acting like one doesn't get you brownie points... or a date.

3) NOT cursing definitely sets you apart, and decreases the amount of swearing that goes on around you. I've never told any of my coworkers NOT to swear, but they try not to around me, and apologize when they do. Ahhh... the power of suggestion.

4) Cursing makes you sound like a broken record... as if there are no original thoughts in your head and you keep playing the same tune over and over again. Give it a break already!!

5) St. James said that if you can control your tongue then you have conquered the man. With that said, control of speech beginning with cursing and ending with gossip and detraction certainly are the basis for living a holy life.

6) People say that if they curse less, people pay more attention to them when they do curse. While that may be true... isn't it true that in times of anger, frustration or pain those words wouldn't even be on the tip of your tongue if you're not already in the habit of cursing???

7) My personal favorite: Do you kiss your mother with that mouth??

Just wondering...


Tradcatholic said...

Petrus, I love the way you can keep people from swearing around you! Do you give them the 'evil eye'?
On another note, your info needs a bit of up-dating,if you'll excuse the pun, for this statement is tragically false in this day and crazy age:

"- guys won't date other guys, so acting like one doesn't get you brownie points... or a date".

They CALL is dating, anyway, though we know what it really is.

qlinger said...

I think that there are times to curse. Like battle and when you are speaking the truth. Like saying Hillary Clinton is a @#$#@$. That isn't cursing it is just speaking the truth.

M. Alexander said...

Can you write a post about men spitting??? Especially professional athletes. I am trying to indoctrinate my sons that if/when they become professional atheletes they will never spit on camera because their mother is watching or ever spit in public.

Talk about off topic.

Anonymous said...

Jess darling! Thanks for the post on my new blog :)

BTW sorry I didn't text back to you..we were with the realtor when i got your first and then I didn't get the other for hours later. I have text but I am a terrible texter!!